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Marko Laban
Founder & CEO

A Startup based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our vision is to leverage the modern Cloud/GPS/Mobile/AI/IoT technologies to help improve the lives of individuals as well as the efficiency and profitability of small and medium businesses. 


Founder and CEO, Marko Laban brings over 20 years of  hands on Software Development, Enterprise Architecture, Product and Project Management experience to VirtualSpace.  He is the brains behind the design of effective products that maximise efficiencies in organisations big or small.


His vision is to develop cutting-edge technologies to help improve the lives of individuals globally as well as helping the business community, central and local government become more effective in delivering measurable outcomes to all stakeholders including customers and teams


Combined with a strong understanding of manufacturing, asset management, supply chain, biotech and cloud, Marko is a solution focused developer who understands first hand how to expedite completion deadlines, and educate stakeholders through every critical and necessary step with a passion that makes technology sound simple!


Collaboration is one of Marko’s core values which means that your project will be designed and developed specifically for your outcomes both for the end user and in the back end.


As a startup, the most exciting proposition is that you will be dealing directly with the business owner, lead designer and project manager, so you won’t just be another job, your project will be prioritised to deliver quicker results than the other larger companies can promise.

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